How Hillshire snacks will get a boost with new snacking store in Melbourne

With Hillshire Snacking on the verge of opening a store in the Melbourne CBD, it looks like the food giant has finally realised the need for some local brands and a place to stock up.

Hillshire Snacks will open in the new Westfield Victoria, in the former Eastland site on Stirling Road.

The company said it would be the first of its kind in Australia, and its focus would be on local foods, with the goal of supporting local businesses, including Hillshire.

Hills are also expanding in Melbourne’s CBD, with a new grocery store set to open next year.

The company is also planning to build its own stores in Brisbane and Perth, with plans for a second store in Adelaide.

Hillhurst Foods, which is owned by Australia’s biggest food brand, Hillshire, is one of the country’s biggest retailers, with more than 30,000 Australian stores, including two in the Sydney CBD.CEO Jim Gorman said the move was about expanding the brand and supporting local farmers and ranchers.

“We’re excited to be opening a new store in Victoria, which will help support the local community by giving them access to our award-winning products and a new way of life,” he said.

Hill’s will be the third Melbourne store to open.

In 2015, Hills opened its first store in a former Eastlands building at North Sydney Road and Waverley Street, just north of the CBD.

The Victoria store will have about 100 seats, while the new one will have a capacity of more than 1,000.

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