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Thomas Lee, the founder and CEO of the popular snack pack maker Thomas Lee and the founder of Thomas Lee Co., is currently in his last days at the company.

Lee announced on Twitter today that he would be stepping down from the company as CEO and will be taking on a full-time position at an independent company.

Lee said in a tweet today that his “time at Thomas Lee has been very enjoyable and we have made a great team.

I will be leaving Thomas Lee in the best possible shape for a new future.”

Thomas Lee was founded in the UK in 2001 and has over 50 stores in Australia, New Zealand, and the US.

He is also the founder, CEO, and chairman of the Australian food retail giant Pannatech.

He has worked with companies like Burger King, Sainsbury’s, McDonalds, Nestlé, and KFC.

Thomas Lee started the company with a few friends in 2013.

Thomas’ work ethic and commitment to his customers led to Thomas Lee becoming one of the world’s leading snack makers.

He expanded the company’s business and has since launched a number of other snack packs, such as a vegan-friendly version of his beloved “Mama’s Chicken Sandwich.”

Lee has been the founder since 2012 and has a long history at the brand.

He started Thomas Lee’s franchisees in the US in 2005, and has been involved with the brand since he started the franchisees.

Lee’s experience working in retail has allowed him to learn a number different aspects of the industry.

He said in his tweet today, “The best thing about working at Thomas & Lee is that we have the ability to learn from our customers.”

Lee has worked at the store for the past four years, and said today that Thomas Lee will continue to be a leader in the snack pack business.

“The team at Thomas Lees is an incredible group of individuals who have made Thomas Lee a success in all facets of the food business,” Lee said in the tweet.

“I am excited to be leaving the brand in the most fantastic shape possible.”

Thomas Lee is known for introducing his customers to his unique, organic, low-fat snacks and a range of other healthy snack options.

He also launched the Thomas Lee Company in 2014.

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