Walmart is expanding its line of keto snacks for dogs

The retailer said Wednesday it is expanding the number of high-fiber dog snacks it sells at its stores.

The new line includes dog-friendly treats and treats made for dogs.

Walmart said the dog treats include: K-9 Diet Dogs, a chewable, soft, dry treat made of dog-approved ingredients; K-8 Diet Dogs and K-1 Diet Dogs; and the K-5 Diet Dogs & Cats.

Walmart also offers treats for dogs on its website.

Wal-Mart, which sells about 2,500 dog treats annually, is a leading proponent of ketogenic diets, a diet that eliminates the consumption of carbohydrates and dairy products.

It is the third-largest dog food seller in the United States, behind Target and Costco.

Wal Mart has long promoted its dog-safe foods as a way to reduce dog deaths and injuries.

Wal-Mart has a strong track record of promoting keto-friendly products, which includes the company’s own dog treats, and other ketogenic products.

WalMart has been testing the keto dog snacks for about two years, said spokeswoman Kaitlin Johnson.

She said the company is testing them for both healthy and non-healthful ingredients, and has not tested for any allergies or sensitivities.

In the United Kingdom, Wal-mart has been making a name for itself by promoting the use of low-fat, high-protein dog food products.

The company is also known for selling dog treats for people, dogs and cats.

The company said the dogs it sells now are made with “the highest quality ingredients,” and have been “tested and approved by veterinarians and other health professionals to meet all of the nutritional requirements of your dog.”

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