What to make at your own Christmas snack party

By Christopher Lyle and David KuznetzA few months ago, I was planning a party for my kids.

As usual, I had a great selection of snacks, including chocolate, peanut butter and banana chips.

But this time, I wasn’t going to have a snack cup, nor was I going to do anything with the goodies, like add to the jam, or add chocolate chips or nuts.

Instead, I decided to put together a mini-nest for the kids to play in.

They could stay in my house, but I would be the one making them stay, and we could play together in my backyard.

So I began researching for ideas for how to make homemade treats for the children, and I started seeing these ideas on Pinterest.

They seemed so simple and cute, and then I was like, Wow, I have to make something like this!

And I thought, No, no, I can’t do that!

But I did.

The idea of making homemade treats was so simple.

I could make them myself.

And they could also be served as a snack, like a chocolate chip cookie.

And the kids would have to have fun with it, too.

I love baking.

I love the idea of trying something new.

And I have a lot of time and resources to use on those projects.

So when I saw this Christmas snack ideas post on Pinterest, I thought I’d give it a try.

I wanted to create a small, cute, family-friendly mini-snack party for our kids, because it was a great opportunity to play with these homemade treats and make them even more fun.

I also wanted to share these ideas with others to help them get started with baking and baking DIY.

I hope these ideas inspire you to try making your own holiday gifts for your kids.

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