Staple Food

Why don’t you just eat an apple?

The simple answer: It’s not very healthy.

But there are some easy snack ideas for those on a low carb diet.

Here’s how to get the most out of them.1.

Eat the fruit that makes your stomach happy.

Fruit has many health benefits.

Some fruits are high in antioxidants, such as cranberries and apples, while others contain phytonutrients, such, vitamin C and lycopene.2.

Eat whole fruits, not the whole apple.

This makes the apple an even better choice than the chopped ones you find in grocery stores.3.

Cook the apples in the oven, not in the microwave.

This is because cooking destroys the beneficial antioxidants and phytonuts.4.

Serve the apples with the veggies you like.

Try mixing some raw cauliflower with apple slices.5.

Serve apple wedges or apple slices on their own, with salad dressing.6.

Cook and eat them as is.

They’re not very nutritious.

But they taste delicious, especially when they’re hot.7.

Make apple pies or apple pancakes.

They are delicious and can be made with any apple, not just a large variety like you see in the grocery store.8.

Add apples to the apple sauce, or any other homemade apple sauce.

These are also a great way to get extra nutrition without having to buy the bulk of the stuff.9.

Add a little apples to your smoothie.

These contain plenty of nutrition.10.

Try adding some apples to a banana pudding.

These will help you absorb nutrients.11.

Eat apples on their tree tops.

They give off a lot of nutrition and are healthy.

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