Canada’s Trudeau wants to crack down on junk food and junk food advertising

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants Canadians to eat less junk food, according to a new report.

The Liberal government’s new plan aims to tackle the issue by regulating the advertising of sugary snacks, the latest effort by a prime minister to tackle obesity.

The Liberals announced Wednesday they have asked for the help of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to come up with a framework for regulating sugary food.

“Our government is committed to eliminating the obesity epidemic by 2020, and we are committed to supporting people with food insecurity and those who are struggling to feed themselves,” Health Minister Jane Philpott said.

The government also wants to restrict advertising of fast food and snack food.

The report, prepared by the Food Standards Branch of the CFIA, is the latest in a series of government initiatives aimed at curbing obesity.

Trudeau launched a campaign last year aimed at promoting healthy eating and making healthy food more accessible.

But that initiative has faced criticism that it is too targeted at certain groups.

The Conservatives are also working on a plan to combat obesity, but the Liberals are trying to limit the impact of the campaign by allowing advertising of food products that have been linked to diabetes, heart disease and other health problems.

The CFIA is expected to release its report in the coming months.

The latest report, which has not been released publicly, is focused on how sugary and sweetened drinks can be marketed.

The health ministry said it expects the new framework to include measures that could be used by consumers to decide whether to buy a sugary or sweetened product.

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