‘Fruit-themed’ menu at McDonald’s Australia: The Kiwi burger, banana and strawberry combo

In Australia, the popular McDonald’s Australian menu is made up of a burger and a banana.

Photo: Supplied The burger, called the “Kiwi Burger” is topped with a grilled chicken and bacon patty, served with a crispy bacon bun, while the banana is topped off with an avocado, strawberry and avocado-flavoured dressing.

The salad is topped by lettuce and tomato and topped with crispy bacon.

The “Hawaiian” burger, which comes with a side of pineapple, pineapple, mango and mango dressing, is topped on a bed of fresh-squeezed coconut milk.

The burger has been available for about a year at the outlet in Sydney’s west.

The “Hawaii” burger comes with an option of a pineapple, banana, mango or mango dressing.

It is topped onto a bed a fresh-pressed coconut milk, and has a pineapple wedge and banana leaf.

The menu has been expanded in other cities with Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane adding banana and pineapple options.

The banana and mango flavours have also been added to the menu in Perth and Perthshire.

Hawaii Burger is one of a series of flavours added to Australian McDonald’s menus.

The Kiwis burgers are available in the U.S. and Canada as well.

McDonald’s has also introduced “fruit themed” menu options at some stores in New Zealand.

The restaurant chain says the offerings are designed to bring freshness to a menu that often includes ingredients that are already popular in the market.

“It’s an opportunity for us to explore and innovate with fresh ingredients and flavours,” McDonald’s said.

New Zealand McDonald’s has introduced a range of flavours for the Kiwi Burger.

Photo:”The Kiwi burgers are one of the best-loved and most popular items in the restaurant, and are often featured on TV shows, movies and online, helping to attract people to our country.”

McDonald’s also launched a range a few years ago of other items including burgers with pineapple and mango on the side.

It is not clear whether McDonald’s will introduce the “fruit” options to Australia.

The company’s new menu was unveiled in December and will be rolled out at other outlets by the end of the year.

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