How to enjoy the perfect ‘easter egg’ in your favourite snack

The Easter egg, or a chocolate Easter cake, may be a classic treat, but it’s also a chance to get a taste of your favourite food, a new BBC survey has found.

What’s more, a majority of people are looking forward to the holidays with the most “easter-y” foods, the poll has found, with chocolate and chocolate-flavoured treats a favourite for a large majority of respondents.

But the survey also found that people are still likely to have a taste for something else, with most saying they’re looking forward “to the holidays” with more desserts, sweets and salty snacks.

How can you find the perfect Easter egg?

Find out more about the Easter egg here BBC Food’s survey on the Easter eggs, or “easters”, in your holiday snack.

What you need to know about the survey: The Easter eggs are a favourite in the UK as they are the perfect “egg” to eat with a meal and also are a great way to celebrate the birth of a child.

However, people are not always keen on eating them in a large quantity, with many finding them hard to stomach.

More than half of people say they’d rather eat a small, smaller, more palatable piece, compared to a big, palatable one.

How to find the Easter Eggs in your snack: The survey also asked people to choose from the 10 favourite snack items, from cakes, muffins, cookies, pastries and other baked goods, to chocolate and other chocolate-like treats.

The top 10 are: A chocolate cake A cake with chocolate in the middle A chocolate cupcake with chocolate on top of it A chocolate-covered cake A chocolate sandwich with chocolate bits and pieces A chocolate biscuit with chocolate drizzle on top The top five are: Cupcakes, muffings and chocolate biscuits are the most popular choices in terms of size, with cakes being a common option for people to try out.

However there are some notable exceptions to this, with muffins and chocolate muffins being the most preferred choices.

The most popular chocolate-dipped dessert, which has been a favourite of the UK’s chocolate and sweet-and-sour crowd, is the Chocolate Dipped Chocolate Muffin, which is a traditional Christmas dessert.

However people are also likely to prefer more palatably flavored treats, with 46 per cent of people saying they would rather eat something with a chocolate flavour, compared with just 39 per cent who would prefer something with chocolate flavour.

What they eat in their Easter snack: People eat a large amount of sweets in their holiday snack, but the majority of us like to have something more to snack on, with 52 per cent saying they enjoy their sweets in the same way they would eat a sandwich, a cookie, a muffin or a cookie and jelly sandwich.

They also like the option of chocolate chips, which are popular in the US and Europe.

Around a quarter of people, or 26 per cent, also like to eat a banana or a banana and peanut spread, while 23 per cent also like a banana, banana and nut spread.

But it’s not all fruit, with the chocolate Easter egg a popular choice for people who like to snack with nuts, with just 18 per cent eating a chocolate-containing snack in their Christmas meal.

The sweets in your Christmas meal?

You can find more sweet treats in your Easter snack by looking at the chart below.

What people eat in the Christmas meal: While the UK is known for its sweet tooth, the US is renowned for its savoury snacks, with 50 per cent recommending a dessert to go with their Christmas breakfast.

But Australians prefer their holiday snacks to be a little less sweet, with 49 per cent wanting to have fewer sweets in there, compared for example to Americans, who prefer more sweets.

What we eat in our Christmas meal This survey found that chocolate is a popular snack choice for those who want to indulge in a holiday meal, with people who are looking for a treat in the morning, before the day begins, giving up on sweets altogether for the first time in the survey.

But if you’re looking for something a little more palate, with only 27 per cent preferring chocolate, this is your chance to try it out.

What to eat in your festive meal What to choose?

A chocolate Easter Egg: This chocolate Easter Eggs, which can be found in most supermarkets, are usually around a pound and can be bought in a variety of sizes.

They are a good choice for Christmas breakfast as they can be eaten in the mornings or evenings, although there is a time when they’re best eaten on Christmas Day.

They have a slightly different flavour to a chocolate chocolate egg, which makes them a little easier to swallow.

However it’s worth noting that they’re not as easy to eat as a chocolate egg as they’re more chewy and harder to chew.

A chocolate almond Easter Egg : This is a chocolate almond egg, but they’re a little smaller in size

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