India has a food emergency and you’re here to help

A family of five is preparing to leave their home in Chennai to embark on a one-week trip to South Africa.

The family of three is an avid reader of the print edition of The New York Times, the home of India’s top newspapers, as well as other digital platforms, and their goal is to read more than 10,000 stories in a week.

They’re not expecting much from their trip.

“We have been travelling for two years, so this is our first time travelling, so we have a lot of work ahead of us,” said Shaina, one of the girls.

The girls, ages 11 and 12, have lived in the southern city of Chennai for three years, and have always been able to access the newspaper through a local library.

The city’s library is the only one in the city to offer a free print subscription.

“In the city, we don’t have many options.

I think it’s because of our lifestyle,” said Sangeeta, one the girls, who also is a student at an Indian government school.

“The paper has always been a priority for us.

The only way we could access it was through the library.”

The family had planned to travel to South African cities, including Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, to try to catch up on the news.

But the family is now worried about food, which has become an emergency.

“It’s really hard to get enough food and we don-t have any savings.

We’re trying to be a team, working together to get food for ourselves and our family,” said Vibha, the oldest of the three girls.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is among the leaders of a coalition of political parties, religious groups and businesspeople who have been rallying support for the government’s plan to cut the number of refugees and asylum seekers from the country.

The prime minister announced a plan in April to reduce the number to 50,000 by 2022, and cut the intake of asylum seekers to 100,000 per year, in an effort to stem the flood of refugees entering India.

The government’s aim is to cut a population of 11 million people by 2020, and it plans to do this by increasing funding to the state government, as part of a “Make in India” initiative.

“India’s population will reach about 12 million by 2020,” said an official with the Indian Institute of Development Studies, a leading think tank, in April.

India will continue to take refugees until 2020, when the population will be reduced to 7.2 million.

The Indian government also plans to take another 300,000 asylum seekers and 300,0000 refugees under the new plan.

The plan has raised concerns among refugees that they will be sent back to their home countries to die, as is happening to hundreds of thousands of people in other parts of the world.

In August, the UN refugee agency said the number had dropped to around 2.6 million.

India is already home to about 20,000 refugees, and many of them are from Myanmar, which is now in turmoil after an armed uprising and government crackdown that has killed hundreds of people.

The exodus of refugees has already left a large number of people homeless, and the number is expected to rise further, especially if the country’s economy continues to falter.

The refugee crisis is the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, according to the UNHCR, and is also expected to cost India more than $1.5 billion this year, according the government.

India has been hosting some 1.2 billion people, and there are an estimated 3 million refugees, according a report released in March by the United Nations.

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