What you need to know about breastfeeding in America

With a growing demand for breastfeeding and an increased awareness of breastfeeding among American women, many of the nation’s top breastfeeding brands are starting to rethink their products to accommodate a growing breastfeeding community.

Read more The most notable of those products, though, is Nescafe, which is known for offering both breastfeeding and non-breastfeeding options.

The company announced a $15 million commitment last week to expand its support of breastfeeding, including a new breastfeeding-centric ad campaign, and to support its employees and employees of other breastfeeding brands.

Nescafes ad campaign is one of several breastfeeding products to come out of the company’s partnership with the Breastfeeding Alliance, a non-profit group that aims to increase awareness of breast-feeding and promote breastfeeding-related initiatives.

Nespresso, a new coffee maker, also announced its commitment to provide breastfeeding-friendly options.

Other breastfeeding-focused products that Nespacoes ad campaign promotes include Nespaflex, a nipple cover for nursing mothers; Nespacoat, a bra cover for breastfeeding mothers; and the Nespalot, a hand-knit bra cover that features a pink nipple.

And a NespaFlex bra, available as a new product, has also been created for breastfeeding moms.

A Nespabes breastfeeding-specific ad campaign was announced in April.

The campaign features an ad from Nespazas founders, which describes the product as a “pre-pregnancy nursing kit,” and then offers tips for breastfeeding.

Nescoat, another new nursing-friendly product, is a bra designed for women with large breasts, and features a bra that will help a woman “be the best breastfeeding mom on the planet.”

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