Bitcoin is up over 100% after a recent correction

Bitcoin is soaring up the charts this week.

It has risen more than 100% since the beginning of October.

Bitcoin is now up more than $1,300 since its last big correction on December 13, 2016.

It’s now up about $200 in value from the beginning to the end of the week.

On the upside, this week’s correction is happening during the height of the cryptocurrency bubble.

Bitcoin has surged more than 2,000% since its June 2017 peak of $2,788.

Its latest correction is just a small part of the bigger story of the bubble that is now being fueled by artificial demand.

Bitcoin’s biggest problem has been its volatility.

In October, it was at its highest point on record and was trading at about $9,000 a coin.

Since then, it has crashed by about a quarter.

It now trades at around $6,000.

This week’s sharp decline is one of the biggest upsets in history, according to market research firm Coindesk.

Bitcoin will likely trade between $2 and $4,000 this week, according the firm.

It says its price index will fall to about $4.20.

But if the correction continues, Bitcoin will lose more than half of its value this week before recovering.

The recent correction is the result of a surge in demand for the cryptocurrency.

In 2017, demand was so intense that bitcoin prices spiked from $1 to $10.

That led to a massive price bubble, according a recent report from the International Monetary Fund.

As demand for bitcoin grew, it drove prices up, boosting its value.

But the bubble burst, leading to a fall in the price of the currency.

The rise in demand also led to an increase in volatility.

Bitcoin crashed last week due to a big surge in Chinese demand for it.

Now that demand has cooled, Bitcoin has fallen more than 10% since last Thursday.

The last correction occurred in December of last year, but the price has recovered to where it was before.

The next big correction could come as early as next week.

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