Japan’s snack box for toddlers is the biggest in the world

A new Japan-only snack box aimed at children in the country has been revealed, bringing Japan’s biggest to the US market.

ToysRUs announced the Kids-Cake Japanese snacks box at a press conference in Tokyo on Monday, with an initial retail price of ¥2,000 (about US$16).

Japan’s snack-box market is expected to grow by nearly 50% in the next five years, according to the World Bank, with the market expected to account for 15% of the countrys total GDP by 2032.

The new line of Kids-cakes will have more than 50,000 snacks in a single box, ranging from soft drinks to frozen treats to cookies, cereal and other products.

“The packaging of our new line is truly the most attractive and the most appealing of our products,” said Takahiro Fukuda, vice president of marketing for Kids-Co. “Our products are also designed to be fun, and our kids love it.”

Fukuda noted that the Kids cakes will be packaged in a variety of sizes, with childrens’ toys ranging from two-packs to six-packs.

The packaging will feature a cute, soft cartoon face that kids can choose from.

The line of products will also include a range of fun toys, including a “Kirby, Kirby, Kirby” figurine that will make an appearance in the movie “Cars.”

The figurine comes with a removable mini-figure that has Kirby’s signature hairstyle.

The company has also announced plans to bring its Kids-Bake line to the UK.

The company is aiming to bring the line to stores by the end of the year.

The Kids-Kirbys will be available in the UK, the US, Canada and Europe in 2018.

The range will also be available globally in 2019, the company said.

The children’s snack boxes will be manufactured by Toy R Us, and they will be sold exclusively in Japan, Toys R Us said in a statement.

Toy R Us also plans to make a “premium” version of the Kids’ cakes and snacks, with a premium box price of 1,300 yen ($1.25).

The Kids’Cakes line will be made up of three flavors: Japanese snacks, rice cakes, and Japanese snack box.

Kids’Bakes will include Japanese snack boxes and rice cakes.

The Kids’Sakes line includes a Japanese snack and rice cake and Kids’Makes a Japanese-style snack cake.

The Japanese snack cakes and the Kids’-Sakes lines are all available in Japan.

The toys that Kids-Sakes will come with include a “Teddy Bear,” “Journeyman” and “Mighty Munchkin” toys, the Toys-R-Us statement said.

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