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When Will We Get the Costco Healthy Snacks Video?

When Will we get the CostCo Healthy Snack Video?

We know it’s a little far-fetched, but if you’ve seen the Costcos version of the video, you might think the same thing: an overweight woman is shown in a fitness center in a bikini in a gymnasium and it is shown as if she is a supermodel.

It would be funny if it weren’t so ridiculous.

There’s also a caption that reads: “Costco makes a great brand for healthy snacks.”

But it’s hard to ignore the fact that there’s something seriously wrong with the video.

For starters, the woman is not a super model.

And even if she were, the video’s editing has made it clear she’s just an average size.

And it’s not just the content that’s problematic, either.

The woman is clearly not wearing any sort of tight fitting bikini that would suggest a size 14.

There are no tight fitting bra straps or stretchy leggings or anything else that would indicate that she is actually a model.

The only hint of a bikini here is in the top half of the body.

There is nothing in the way of a belt or anything that indicates she’s wearing anything other than a bra and panties.

The entire video looks like a porn video.

There really isn’t any.

If this is the kind of content that Costco will use for the Healthy Snackers Video, they should have the decency to be careful about their choices.

You know how many times we’ve heard the phrase “You can’t eat all of these healthy snacks” and we’ve thought to ourselves, “What in the world is that?

Are they trying to sell you on healthy snacks and not healthy food?

Why do we even have to say that?”

It’s easy to see why that might be the case.

If you have kids, you know that if you’re not eating the right foods, they’re going to eat a lot of bad food.

And if you can’t get enough calories, you’re going the wrong way.

That’s exactly what happened in this video.

So, what’s the deal?

Why does a fitness video need to feature a skinny, overweight woman with no clothes in a workout room?

Costco, you may be asking, isn’t the video being marketed toward kids?

But that’s not the only thing they’re not selling.

They’re also not selling the Healthy snacks Video, either, because it’s aimed specifically at kids.

It’s not clear if the video is targeting a younger audience or if it’s targeted specifically to adults.

It could just be a marketing decision to target an older audience, though.

So what does the Healthy snack Video have to do with Weight Watchers?

It is marketed to Weight Watcher members as a way to make healthy snacks.

But if you look at the entire video, there’s absolutely no mention of Weight Watches.

There aren’t even any images of a product, like a can of Coke or a box of peanut butter.

Instead, the entire clip is shot in a room with no visible sign of what the Healthy snacks video is selling.

The video shows the woman sitting at a desk, wearing her gym shorts and no bikini top, and the camera pans over to a desk and to the woman’s handbag.

Here, we can see a large can of Snickers, which is clearly marketed to adults and not to children.

There, we see a can labeled “Snickers for kids” that is clearly labelled as “For Kids.”

The can of Nutella is labeled “Kids’ Snacks.”

The entire product description says, “This delicious, healthy snack will satisfy your child’s sweet tooth.”

And, of course, there are images of the Snickers with their “kids” logo, a tag that could be confusing for parents.

But we’re still not sold on the idea that the Snicker for kids can be marketed to children, either—at least not without being explicitly stated that it’s for kids.

The Snickers for Kids video doesn’t say the word Snickers in the title, but it doesn’t tell viewers that the product is only for kids either.

It does say “Healthy snacks” at the beginning, but then doesn’t specify which Snickers the product will include.

The fact that the company doesn’t mention Snickers does make it appear as though the Snackers are for kids—and that the video will be aimed at kids, not adults.

That would be a little deceptive.

But that doesn’t make it a bad marketing decision.

There may be no way for consumers to know whether the Snacks are for children or adults, but they’re still a good idea.

Kids need healthy snacks because they need healthy food.

If they aren’t getting them, they won’t eat healthy food as well.

And when you can make a healthy snack for kids and get away with it, that’s good for your health and your wallet

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