Which foods are good for your digestive system?

The question of which foods are best for your body is one that many people ask themselves, and a study suggests it’s the right question.

The study, which was published in the Journal of Nutrition, found that eating the right foods can boost the quality of your digestion and reduce the risk of developing chronic conditions.

According to the researchers, the more complex the foods, the higher the risk they pose to your health.

“In terms of food types, the top-rated foods are high in vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein,” said Dr. Sarah Schulz, a gastroenterologist and the lead author of the study.

“It’s really important to get to the foods you’re going to eat, whether that’s high in vegetables or fruits or meat.”

It’s also important to choose foods that have a variety of nutrients, she added.

“What you’re looking for is a variety, and that includes things that have lots of nutrients and lots of fibre, which is one of the things that is very important when you’re digesting food.”

There are many types of foods and what they’re good for is really a matter of personal preference.

“If you have a diet that is low in fibre and protein, you might want to eat a lot of fish, so you don’t have to go overboard with that,” Schulz said.

“Or if you want to go vegan, you could get more greens and be a bit more vegetarian, because you don.t have to get that kind of stuff.”

The study found that, while there are a variety on what foods you should be eating, it’s not as simple as putting them all together.

“The top-rating foods are the ones that have all the nutrients that are beneficial for your health, and they are ones that are also good for the digestion,” Schultz said.

In fact, if you are looking for the best type of food to eat that’s rich in antioxidants, fruits and vegetables, the study found it’s important to focus on these foods.

“These are the foods that can help with the metabolism of the food and the body, and the overall health of the person,” she said.

The researchers say that, although we’re eating a lot more foods than we were in the past, the food supply isn’t changing as fast.

“I think that’s partly because of our population,” Schutz said.

“The more people who are in the United States, the bigger the demand for the foods and the more people that are out there, the less we can eat.”

What you need to know about food allergies:

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