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How to make a healthy snack girl

Girl Scouts and Girl Scouts Girl Guides are having a difficult time keeping kids healthy and fit.

The girls, and many parents, say they have to use less processed foods like crackers, chips, cookies, pretzels and other snacks.

But some nutrition experts say these kinds of foods are not good for children’s health and could cause serious health problems.

In the U.S., about 40% of girls under 18 are overweight or obese.

About 70% of kids who are obese are overweight at least one time in their lives, according to a recent study by the National Institutes of Health. 

This isn’t the first time Girl Scouts have struggled with this issue.

In 2007, Girl Scouts were forced to stop selling cookies and chips for girls under age 12 because of concerns about their safety.

The Girl Scouts of the USA also recently decided to change the ingredients in their cookies.

The cookie, known as the Girl Scout Cookies, have been labeled “processed.”

The changes have helped ease the issue for some parents, but some say the new ingredients aren’t enough to help kids stay healthy. 

“There’s a lot of confusion around these cookies,” said Kristina Deutsch, a nutrition specialist for the Girl Scouts. 

Girl Scouts have been using cookie dough for decades, but they have started incorporating new ingredients to try to lower the sugar content.

In addition to the new cookies, Girl Scout cookies have also been replaced with healthier ones like oatmeal, oats and coconut flakes, Deutsch said. 

But some parents are frustrated that the Girl Guides aren’t replacing the old snacks.

“They’re replacing some cookies with some of the junk that we know that’s been there for generations,” said Karen Fagan, who runs a local nutrition blog called The Fagan Report. 

Fagan says many Girl Scouts eat processed foods because they want to be able to choose their food.

“I have to ask myself, ‘Is it worth my life?'” she said.

Fagan and others have also called for Girl Scouts to adopt healthier options. 

A few years ago, Girl Guides made the decision to start using soy milk instead of sugar. 

The Girl Scout Cookie Book states soy milk is a healthier option because it contains less sugar and is less processed.

But Deutsch says that isn’t enough.

“Soy milk is not good because it is high in fat, high in calories,” Deutsch explained.

She says Girl Scouts should also start eating healthy alternatives to processed foods.

Another option is to make healthier snacks at home.

While a Girl Scout cookie recipe isn’t exactly a recipe for a healthy girl, Fagan says it could be useful to keep kids on track.

But the Girl Scouting Girl Guides don’t want to just stop eating snacks.

Fagan and Deutsch say they are now looking to create new Girl Scout products, like the Girl Scraps and Girl Scramble.

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