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Little Debbie snack boxes contain a variety of different snack items, which are sold in various shapes and sizes, and are sold with different packaging. 

This is the same packaging as used by other snack brands such as M&Ms, Kellogg’s and Target. 

One of the snacks sold in the Korean snacks section of the Target store is a large bowl of rice which is filled with rice and noodles, a mixture of rice, sweet potatoes, carrots, mushrooms and green onions. 

The bowl is also topped with a coconut oil-based condiment called kimchi which is typically used for making Korean hot sauces. 

Another item is a Korean noodle soup which consists of soy sauce, cabbage, chili flakes, scallion, sesame seeds and water. 

A large bowl also contains some rice noodles, carrots and green beans which are served with a pickle. 

On the side of the bowl is a snack with a mix of sweet potato, soy sauce and sweet potato starch, which is a mixture made from sweet potatoes and rice flour. 

These snacks are sold for between 10 and 30 Canadian dollars ($7.25-$13.50). 

While this is not a common snack to find in a store, the Korean snack boxes do sell for around $5-$7 each. 

Korean snacks are popular in South Korea, with Korean food outlets such as KFC and the KFC Korea chain selling them at the popular Korean food shops on the streets of Seoul. 

In South Korea there are a variety different types of Korean snacks available, but the majority of them are made with rice, soy and vegetable oil. 

Some of these snacks are known as Korea-style snack boxes or Korean snacks, which in the United States, would be called KFC-style. 

There are also a few Korean snacks with an American twist to them. 

For example, the Kool-Aid snack bar at a Target store, which has a large Korean snack box that contains a mix and match of Koolaid, chips, soda and other snacks, is made with a variety of ingredients, including sugar, honey and salt. 

At the Koo Koo snack bar, there are also some snack bar snacks that have different names. 

You can find these snack bars in various sizes, but for a small sample size, I used the Kookoosho snack bar that sells for 10 Canadian dollars. 

What are some other Korean snacks? 

There is a Kookoohs store in Korea and you can buy kookoos in Korean and English. 

 There also is a Kookoeos store located in the U.S. called the Koo Koohs  Store. 

Other Korean snack bar snack bars include the Kool-A-Lot  store, Koohyun store and Koramco. 

If you would like to learn more about Korean food in South Korean, check out the Book about Koreans in Korea website or the book about  KOREANS in South America, which has an extensive collection of articles and photos about Korea and South Korea.

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