How to shop for Christmas snacks

Best holiday snacks to get to know this year.1.

Eggnog,  or Eggnog Pops  ($3.99)A classic, delicious summertime staple that is also good for you.

You can make these as a dessert with just about any fruit you want, including raisins and chocolate.2.

Biscuits,  $1.49(or $2.79 if made with chocolate)You may have a few options for this breakfast snack.

The best option is a biscuit, a kind of biscuit doughnut made with a biscuity filling and then baked to perfection.3.

Cinnamon Rolls, $1.99(or if made on a gluten-free basis) A classic and versatile breakfast snack that can be made with just plain white flour and a sprinkling of cinnamon.4.

Salsa, $1 (or $1 if made without sugar)A Mexican version of the classic salsa. 

It’s a mix of salsa and salsa verde, a creamy, sweet salsa, with a hint of garlic and lime.5.

Churros, or churros en crema ($1) This is one of those “I want to try” items, a favorite of mine.

It’s a light, fluffy, and moist, filling with a crunchy outside and a chewy interior.6.

Baked Potato Chips, ($1.79) The best kind of potato chips, but not the best kind.

They’re also one of the most expensive.

 But I can’t say I’d miss the taste of them, especially if I’ve got some leftover mashed potatoes.


Cheese, (or iced) ($1, $2) Creamy and chewy cheese.

I’m not a big fan of cream cheese, so this is not one of my favorite cheeses.

But I love how easy it is to make, and the flavors come through.8.

Salmon, (or salmon in a bowl)($2.99, $3.39)A salty, salty-sweet summertime snack.

I don’t really know what to call it. 

Salmon is a delicacy in Japan, and one of its flavors is salty-salty. 

If you like salty, you’ll love this one.9.

Sausage Rings, ($1.69) It seems like a simple breakfast snack, but it has a complex flavor that’s very good for everyone.

This recipe is a simple substitution of bacon or sausage.10.

Soup or soup base (or rice) ($2)A hearty and hearty meal with a light and creamy texture. 

Try this for a simple, satisfying meal that’s full of flavor.11.

Omelets, , ice-cream, or iced ($3) (Or, if made gluten- and dairy-free, $4.39/dozen)Omelet ice cream, iced coffee, icesweetened condensed milk, sugar-free iced tea.

Or you can use the iced version if you prefer a more sugary, sweet-and-sour taste.12.

Peanut Butter or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Ice Cream or Ice Cream Base, Flourless Ice-Cream, or  Pancakes (or  Pancake Omelets) ( $3)Ice-cream with chocolate chips, peanut butter, or vanilla.

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative, try one of these ice-cream flavors.


Mashed Potato Chips with Chocolate, Chocolate, or White Sugar (or with other flavors) ( or $3 for two) If chocolate is your jam, or if you want something a little different, try these chocolate chips with mashed potatoes or a chocolate chip cookie dough. 


Potato Salad with Lemon Juice, Tomato, and Olive Oil (or tomato, olive oil, and lemon juice) (or for a vegan version, tomato, lemon juice, olive fat, and olive oil) These simple potato salads are packed with flavor.

Add some lemon juice to sweeten it up a bit, or add some other flavors to make it your own.15.

Stuffed Peanut Butter, Peanut-Chocolate Chip, or Chocolate-Peanut-Pepper Crackers (or peanut butter and chocolate chips) (with nuts) (and for a gluten free version, peanut butters, peanut-chocolate chips, and chocolate-peanut-pepper crackers) Add a peanut butter topping for a super tasty snack.16.

Cucumber Pudding, Peaches, or Cucumber Salad (with peanut butter or chocolate chips or

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